Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gardening with the kids

This past Tuesday was my husband's day off, so we took advantage of the opportunity to finish our raised beds.  We already had two in, which I mostly did myself, but being now in my third trimester I just can't bend and move the way I need to!  We got all the kids involved as well - starting them out early learning to have a connection to the food they eat.  

Master Finn just wanted to play with his water table at first.  

He let the others toil while he happily splashed away.  

So intent in his playing he doesn't even notice me clicking away.

There we go!  Hi little man.

The two middles so proud to be helping daddy!  

Running like the wind.

Gwen got home from school and joined in the action.  

All planted and in need of some water.

Have you started your backyard garden yet?  We have already harvested lots of yummy buttercrunch lettuce so I can't wait for June when our warm weather crops will be ready!

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  1. I love your raised beds. Did you make them or buy them? - Elian from CommentHour months ago.