Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's in your cereal? Cornucopia Institute Study

Obviously because this blog is brand *spanking* new, I'm a bit behind on posting this.  The Cornucopia Institute did a comprehensive study of cereal - specifically cereal that is labeled "natural" and organic.  The report came out in October 2011 so you may have already seen it - if not, click through to the scorecard to see how the cereals fared.  I was very surprised to see our favorite cereal brand, Kashi (which we pay almost double the price for), on the very low end of this score card.  Only 4 out of 24 of their cereals are certified organic, and they source ingredients from conventional farms where pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified crops are grown.  Blown away.  We don't eat cereal every morning, but we made the switch to Nature's Path cereals.  They are pretty good, and I have absolutely. no. worries. when I fill my kids' bowls in the morning.  Bonus is that you can find this brand at Publix and Whole Foods so they are readily available.  

Just in case you're wondering: nope, I was not paid by nor was this post endorsed by Nature's Path in any way.  Just my personal opinion, and I highly recommend them!  

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